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(Songavazzo 28 agosto 1809 – Roma 26 aprile 1873)



dim.: h. cm. 89,5


Importante Scultura in marmo bianco statuario raffigurante figura allegorica di donna in piedi con ancora e catena, abito a drappeggio lungo ed un libro con inciso “Vangelo” ai suoi piedi. e datato G.M. Benzoni F. Roma A. 1861 su piedistallo cilindrico.



–  Catalogo Dell’Antiquariato Italiano n.9, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, pag. 195.



(Italian, 1809 – 1873)



size: height 89,5 cms.


An Impressive italian white marble allegorical figure of a woman standing with anchor and chain, wearing a long dress and a book entitled “Vangelo” on her feet. Signed and dated G.M. Benzoni F. Roma A. 1861, on a circular socle. When Benzoni exhibited the original life-size marble of Hope at the 1862 International Exhibition, his work, and that of his compatriots, was described by one reviewer as belonging to the “school of Italian romance”. This softened form of neo-classicism appealed to a new audience who thronged to the ever increasing international exhibitions. The reviewer evoked the attraction of this style thus:”Exquisite indeed is the softness which … many of the modern Italian sculptors still give, to flesh, and admirable the delicacy they have thrown into gossamer drapery, so that the marble seems almost to breathe and blush with life, and swoon to softest sentiment …” The treatment of Benzoni’s Hope epitomises this genre.


Related Literature:

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–  Catalogo Dell’Antiquariato Italiano Vol. n.9, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, page 195.